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Deion Sanders Under Fire After Colorado Practice Fight: 'If One Fight, We All Fight'

When a fight broke out at Colorado practice, Deion Sanders had a unique view on the situation, which some fans aren't happy about.

The Colorado Buffaloes are in the news again, and this time for a fight within the team during practice while NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens was there.

The one-win team from a year ago has been in the headlines constantly this offseason with Deion Sanders as their head coach, including spring game ticket sales, athletes throwing up due to the school's heightened elevation, social media names on the backs of their jerseys, and much more.

Also, Sanders flipped the program upside down, returning just 10 scholarship athletes.

For Sanders, his focuses are on winning and family. With that, he wants everyone operating smoothly — and if the teammates come to blows on the way there, so be it.

Owens, a former fantastic wide receiver, was on-site during practice, and he got to see the physicality up close.

The fight started after running back Anthony Hankerson took the ball up the middle and was sent to the turf by safety Jaden Milliner-Jones. Well, Gerad Christian-Lichtenhan, a 6-foot-10 offensive lineman, didn't appreciate that and got into Milliner-Jones' face.

After the fight settled, Sanders was seen in a huddle with a handful of players and delivered an all-time quote.

"I seen two of y'all walking off over there and you got a teammate fighting!" Sanders said. "Where they do that at?! Where they do that at?! If one fight, we all fight — you understand that? I don't want to see y'all walking off when somebody's fighting! NEVER AGAIN!"

One thing's for certain—the Buffaloes are getting feisty as they build up to the regular season opener Sept. 2 against the TCU Horned Frogs.

The entire fight can be seen in the video below.

One can only wonder what the Buffaloes will do next to land in the headlines.

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