BOULDER, CO - SEPTEMBER 30: Head coach Deion Sanders of the Colorado Buffaloes walks off the field at halftime of a game against the USC Trojans at Folsom Field on September 30, 2023 in Boulder, Colorado.
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Deion Sanders Gets Shredded by Stanford Player for Bringing in 'Mercenaries'

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders is under fire by Stanford players, with claims that they hire "mercenaries" to fill up their roster.

During Week 7 of the college football season, we had the Colorado Buffaloes hosting the Stanford Cardinal on Friday night, and it was a game to remember as the Cardinal roared back down 29-0 at halftime to win in double-overtime 46-43. In the aftermath of the game featuring Colorado, with more than 50 transfers, and Stanford, who had just five, an offensive lineman from the Cardinal had some choice words when describing the program from Boulder.

The offensive lineman is Fisher Anderson, a sophomore. He posted his thoughts on Coach Prime and Colorado and didn't hold back.

"A few thoughts on last night," Fisher posted on X. "Good always wins out, no matter how bleak it looks. When coach Taylor got hired, he told everyone to stay and believe; Coach Prime told everyone to leave. We are program builders; they are mercenaries. I believe in Stanford football; you should too."

Of course, when Sanders arrived on campus, he told Colorado players who wanted to leave to leave. As Anderson points out, Cardinal head coach Troy Taylor asked them to stay and be part of something.

As you can see from his post, Anderson referred to the Colorado roster as "mercenaries." With the transfer portal rules, Sanders used it to bring in players who worked for his system, including his two sons, quarterback Shedeur Sanders and safety Shilo Sanders, cornerback/wide receiver Travis Hunter, and more.

But let's address the elephant in the room: Getting into Stanford has stricter academic requirements than Colorado, so Taylor has that to deal with when it comes to assessing transfers.

As mentioned, the Cardinal won the game on the back of quarterback Ashton Daniels (396 passing yards, four touchdowns, 39 rushing yards) and wide receiver Elic Ayomanor (13 receptions, 294 yards, three touchdowns).

The Buffaloes and their "mercenaries" head into a bye for Week 8 while Stanford hosts UCLA.

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