Colorado head coach Deion Sanders at the team's spring game.
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Deion Sanders' Controversial Colorado Practices Have Kids Throwing Up Constantly

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders is in the news again after one of his players revealed he'd thrown up seven times after practice.

The college football coaching transition for Deion Sanders from Jackson State to Colorado has created multiple headlines since Prime Time took over, and the latest is about a player saying he "threw up seven times" after a recent practice.

This offseason, the spring game for Colorado resulted in 35,000 tickets sold, 57 players from Colorado entering the transfer portal, and Sanders at risk of losing his foot because of blood clots.

Recently, five-star cornerback Cormani McClain said he threw up seven times following a practice.

Deion Sanders Has Colorado Players Throwing Up

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders mic'd up during the team's spring game.

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McClain, a native of Lakeland, Florida, can be seen in the clip below during  what looks like Instagram Live, describing what happened. Shedeur Sanders, Deion Sanders' son, razzes McClain up about the practice a bit during the video, which is provided by Footballville on Twitter.

"Man, I threw up seven times," McClain said.

"Huh?" Sanders responded.

McClain reiterated that he threw up seven times, to which Sanders asked how he threw up seven times.

"You was working out when you was home," Sanders said.

McClain responded, "I was, it's just that s**t different."

Remember, McClain is a native of Lakeland, Florida and is now playing in Colorado, a state known for its high elevation. The elevation in Lakeland is 203 feet, while Boulder, Colorado, is more than 5,000 feet higher at 5,318 feet.

Throwing up seven times isn't a great thing to experience. However, it's likely McClain's body is just adapting to the higher altitude, which would certainly cause bodily reactions for anyone not used to it. That being said, the reactions of parents, coaches, and fans alike have stirred some controversy regarding the intensity of the program's practices with Sanders at the helm.

During McClain's junior season in high school, he had six interceptions and one fumble recovery. A 5-star recruit by 247 Sports, McClain was the top-ranked cornerback in the country, but even his top-tier athleticism coming out of high school couldn't prepare him for a Colorado Buffaloes practice under Sanders.

The Colorado Buffaloes' season kicks off on Sept. 2 at noon ET on the road against the TCU Horned Frogs, who made it to the national championship game last season.

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