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Deion Sanders Reacts to Saturday Night Live Sketch

The 49th season of "Saturday Night Live" aired recently, and on Weekend Update hosted by Colin Jost, there was a sketch with Keenan Thompson as Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders.

Chatting with Jost, Thompson, portraying Sanders, attempted to take on the role while taking a shot on the Buffaloes defense.

"Colin, look at me, man," Thompson, as Coach Prime, said. "What about me makes you think that I care about what you think about me? You don't understand that my team has it all, man. Coaching? Genius. Offense? Explosive. Defense? Trying. It's a complete package, man."

Sanders' daughter, Shelomi, erred on the side of the skit being OK but not quite meeting the mark.

"It was good," Sanders told the Denver Post. "But then it's like, okay, they're kind of getting him wrong."

"The way that they were saying stuff is kind of like, all he cares about is 'the show,' and stuff like that. That's not him, though," Sanders said.

Still, Shelomi, the youngest of Deion's five kids, wasn't entirely negative about it.

"I think he would laugh," she said. "I think he would think that was funny."

Well, Sanders saw the skit and provided a comment on it.

Adam Munsterteiger provided the quote of what Coach Prime had to say about it.

"I'm a fan of Kenan (Thompson), let's get that straight. I love what he's brought to comedy. I had the pleasure and honor to host Saturday Night Live before and I'll never forget those moments."

In the skit, Thompson made mention of the defense "trying." It's quite clear that the offense has gotten it going this year, but the defense has extreme difficulty slowing down any opponent, really.

The Buffaloes allow 35.9 points per game, which ranks 120th in the nation.


Well, it seems Sanders wasn't bothered at all by the skit. He and the Buffaloes prepare for Week 9 of the college football season on the road against nationally-ranked UCLA after a bye in Week 8.

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