BOULDER, CO - SEPTEMBER 30: Safety Cam'Ron Silmon-Craig #7 of the Colorado Buffaloes celebrates after a third quarter interception against the USC Trojans in the third quarter at Folsom Field on September 30, 2023 in Boulder, Colorado.
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Colorado Player Trashes University Over Parking Tickets

Colorado Buffaloes defensive back Cam'Ron Silmon-Craig took to social media this week to voice his displeasure over something you might not expect from a college football athlete — the volume of parking tickets he's received on campus.

Silmon-Craig, a junior transfer who arrived with head coach Deion Sanders from Jackson State, posted the following video on what looks like an Instagram live video. It was re-uploaded to X by NoSkoZone, a Colorado football news and information aggregator account.

"I'm getting booted right outside the facility, bro," he said.

He then showed a transaction history of parking tickets he's paid.

There's a long list of them; he says they were each for $50, $60 or $75.

The video then cuts to Silmon-Craig counting the tickets. He gets to the 30s and then the 40s. He finally reaches 52.

Silmon-Craig said the 52 tickets, received this year, were from parking outside of the team locker room.

In total, he estimated the fines totaled over $3,000.

"I might as well have been a walk-on and paid tuition!" he says before the video ends.

As expected, the response on X was somewhat mixed.

"Some more stuff to deter recruits. This definitely has to change. Even the Municipal courts trying to cash in on the team and what they have going on," one user wrote.

"Lot 169 is right there between the facility and the practice field. Don't know why he can't get a pass there. I had one and I wasn't making the school much money," wrote another user, who claims to have been or is an active student at the university. 

Finally, another user provided a graphic of a campus map showing the distance between the practice field, stadium and various parking garages.

Silmon-Craig has played 207 coverage snaps this season at safety. He's allowed 25 receptions on 35 targets for 253 yards and one touchdown, and he has three interceptions.

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