Deion Sanders embraces The Rock
Screenshot from ESPN broadcast.

Deion Sanders Gets Surprised By Superstar Celebrity On College GameDay

Deion Sanders got a huge surprise from one of the biggest celebrities in the world in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on College GameDay.

The stars were out in Boulder, CO this morning as Deion Sanders joined ESPN's College Football GameDay crew and the guest picker was revealed to be none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Sanders seemed legitimately surprised and elated as The Rock appeared amidst the crowd of Buffaloes fans and walked to the stage.  "That's my guy, that's my guy. I love you Rock," Sanders exclaimed before taking a knee and removing his white ten-gallon hat in respect for the worldwide superstar. 

The pair shared a joyful embrace before heading to the desk where Sanders implored Johnson to trade out the sunglasses he was wearing for a pair of the signature Blenders-branded  "Prime 21" gold shades recently gifted to the Buffaloes roster. 

The Rock happily obliged, giving his newest accessory a signature twist and addressing the masses. The Colorado faithful went wild acknowledging the controversy sparked by Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell comments ahead of their meeting with the Buffaloes this week, saying his mother taught him " When I talk to grownups I take my hat and glasses off."

Sanders and the Buffaloes have found no shortage of motivation from Norvell's comments in the week leading up to their intrastate clash with the Rams. Sanders has of course taken immediate financial advantage of this situation as well, structuring a deal with sunglasses brand Blenders to produce "Prime 21 Gold" and "Prime 21 Black" versions of new sunglasses. The Gold edition also made an appearance as a gift to the staff of First Take during Sanders appearance on the show. The entire Colorado roster was gifted the same "Prime 21 Gold" shades in a Friday team-wide meeting. Sanders said he just wanted to see how his team looked in the glasses, and the team's new appearance more than met his approval. 

He was just as exuberant in his praise of The Rock on Saturday morning on the set of College Gameday and was genuinely excited to talk with him. Sanders said he has loved Johnson since his WWE days and the star's work ethic inspires him today. Johnson was quick to return the praise saying he loved what Sanders was building in Boulder, and more importantly he loved the way they were building. Sanders and The Rock clearly shared deep mutual admiration and respect, and it was bordering on a bromance on Saturday morning.

The Rock of course picked the Buffaloes, throwing on a black number two Shedeur Sanders jersey alongside Lee Corso's Buffalo head in his 400th time sporting headgear on the show.  The rest of the Gameday panel also picked Colorado when it came time to reveal their picks, giving the Buffaloes the dreaded . Will all the showtime bluster and pregame smack talk be a distraction for Sander's team, who are favored by three plus touchdowns by the sportsbooks, will the Colorado coronation continue in another blowout? As Jay Norvell is sure hoping somebody else's comments will take center stage, Sanders and The Rock left no questions on where their thoughts on tonight's matchup lie. 

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