BOULDER, CO - SEPTEMBER 16: Colorado Buffaloes cornerback Travis Hunter (12) on the field for warmups before the the Rocky Mountain Showdown against the Colorado State Rams at Folsom Field September 16, 2023.
Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Travis Hunter Reacts to Colorado's Locker Room Robbery

In Week 9 of the 2023-24 college football season, the Colorado Buffaloes not only lost to the UCLA Bruins, but they also lost their jewelry after thieves broke into the Colorado locker room during the game. and star wide receiver/cornerback Travis Hunter is speaking out on the incident.

"After the game was over, a couple of dudes' stuff got stolen," Hunter said on his podcast, 12 Talks With Travis Hunter, on Bleacher Report.

He then reacted to a brief part of the clip of the player discussing the stolen items.

"That's why I don't wear jewelry, bro. I tried to say that. I can't wear jewelry, I'm not flashy. I don't need you to think I got anything that you would like," the former Jackson State player continued.

He added, "But that's still messed up to the team, bro, to my teammates, cuz like, hard-working money on that stuff. One of the camera guys had their money stolen. That's kind of messed up, bro. They worked for this stuff, bro, and for it to get stolen at a football game after we thinking our stuff is safe. I'm not bringing no bags no more to away games, like, you won't see me with no bags at an away game, I'll probably have a book bag and that's it. Like all that extra stuff? No sir. Like all that extra stuff, no sir."

"I don't mess with getting my stuff stolen, cuz I would've still be in Cali right now trying to get my stuff back," the two-way star finished.

This season, Hunter has 32 receptions for 360 yards and two touchdowns in five games. He missed a few games earlier this season after suffering an injury that resulted in a lacerated liver.

The Buffaloes are now 4-4 and two wins away from being bowl-eligible.

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