Former SEC QB set to join Chip Kelly after one year as offensive analyst Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images
WESTWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 27: Chip Kelly speaks to the media during a press conference after being introduced as UCLA's new Football Head Coach on November 27, 2017 in Westwood, California. (Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)

Conner McQueen, a former Texas A&M quarterback turned offensive analyst, is joining Chip Kelly’s staff at UCLA. According to the reports, McQueen will take a position as graduate assistant with the Bruins.

This story was broken by Bruce Feldman on the mean streets of Twitter.

McQueen was welcomed to the Texas A&M football program as a quarterback by Kevin Sumlin in 2012. While he was never moving up the depth chart in any true meaningful way, he must have impressed the now Arizona Wildcats coach, as he was put on staff last May.

Despite usually hovering around the Aggies as a third-string gunslinger, Sumlin glowed aboout McQueen in November 2016, after the sparsely used signal-caller got to play in a blowout victory over New Mexico State.

“He’s a big deal around here,” Sumlin said. “He gets TV time….He’s got his own radio show. He’s got his own deal going.

“The guy is a great team guy. He’s at practice every day with energy, jumping up and down…is kind of a jokester, keeps the mood light, not just in the quarterback room but across the whole team. He’s got a job that nobody ever notices unless he screws up because he’s the holder. That’s a really important job.”

While this might not seem like a big deal for the Bruins, coaches have to begin their careers somewhere, even if as a lowly grad-assistant. Furthermore, if McQueen has been able to stick around football this long, without being a dynamic player, he probably has a little of that fancy “it factor” sprinkled all over him.

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