EUGENE, OREGON - SEPTEMBER 23: Head coach Dan Lanning of the Oregon Ducks walks on the field against the Colorado Buffaloes during the first half at Autzen Stadium on September 23, 2023 in Eugene, Oregon.
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Dan Lanning Responds to Outrage Over Pregame Comments vs Colorado

Oregon Ducks head coach Dan Lanning had a classy response to the outrageous sparked from his pregame speech against Colorado.

The Oregon Ducks defeated the Colorado Buffaloes decisively at home in Week 4 of the college football season by a margin of 42-6, and with that and Ducks head coach Dan Lanning's pregame speech coming out, many, including FOX Sports' Skip Bayless have had many comments to add to the conversation.

In a press conference yesterday, Lanning was asked, "Coach, there's been a lot of talk nationally about your pregame speech and your aggressive play-calling—I think Skip Bayless called it 'venomous[?] vengeance.' I'm just curious what your thoughts were on that and how your words have been skewed a little bit."

In response, Lanning started by saying, "Yeah I mean, I don't know Skip at all. I've never had a conversation with him. I've watched him enough to know how often he gets it wrong, so I mean that sounds about right, but ultimately, here's what I say—we're playing to win the game, right and you saw a 15-second clip from a window view of outside the house of what happens in the locker room, right? I know our locker room. I'm in the house 100 percent of the time."

"I know how our players felt going into that game and I know what it takes to motivate our players. That's my job, to motivate our players, right? He has a job, I have a job, too. To get out there and perform on the field," he added.

He continued, saying, "Inside that house [Colorado], they felt a certain way. They felt a certain way about our group, stomping on the "O," they felt a certain way about guys talking to them in the pregame and I'm proud of those guys... they decided to talk with their pads."

Lanning, 37, also commented how Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders is bringing excitement to college football and praised him for that.

"If anybody can't see what he's done [Sanders] for college football and how he's bringing excitement to college football, you're crazy."

At the end of the press conference, Lanning had no qualms about going for it on fourth down or going for a two-point conversion, citing other instances this season that he's done it.

"That to me is classless, what, you know, what [Skip Bayless] is saying there, but I'm not really worried about it," Lanning concluded.

The Ducks are now 4-0, ranked No. 9 in the nation and are headed on the road to take on Pac-12 cellar-dweller Stanford.

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