Head coach may not even know his new team’s nickname after hilarious exchange with reporter @footballscoop/Screenshot

Herm Edwards was introduced as head coach of the Arizona State football team on Monday and already had quite an exchange with a reporter. The topic of conversation? The name of the website the reporter worked at.

A reporter from began to ask Edwards a question and after stating the name of the website, Edwards wanted to discuss the “Devil” portion of the website name:

“I’m Catholic now; I’m a Christian,” Edwards said. “Watch out for them Devils. Just saying! We’re good, brother. We’re good! I ain’t taking it personal.”

One obvious point comes up regarding the topic of conversation: Edwards is now the head coach of a team that has a Sun Devil as its mascot. While a team mascot probably doesn’t come up often in head coaching negotiations, it might be beneficial for Coach to know a little bit about his new school. Of course, it’s entirely possible Edwards was just having fun to loosen things up in his introductory press conference, but it sure made for an entertaining exchange.

With Edwards back on the sidelines coaching, more of these sort of exchanges are just bound to continue.

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