Josh Dobbs fires back at writers calling him 'average' kid at Stanford


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It is definitely the offseason when you have Pac-12 ESPN writers taking shots at SEC quarterbacks. ESPN's Ted Miller decided it was high time to "call out" everyone for thinking Dobbs is so smart --- he is not only a QB, but is studying Aerospace Engineering --- and would only be "average" if he played at Stanford.

It seems ridiculous that this grown man --- along with Clay Travis who agreed with the assessment --- is going to trivialize Dobbs' accomplishments. This is a lame attempt on Miller and Travis' parts to downplay the intelligence of a student-athlete and belittle him for seemingly no reason.


Dobbs wasn't going to take this sitting down and he responded on Twitter to show these two small men what he's all about.

Dobbs certainly has every right to defend himself and he really shouldn't have to for these guys who are clearly desperate for attention. Studying Aerospace Engineering at any school is impressive alone and to be a QB on a D-I football along with it makes it infinitely more incredible. We complaint that we want our student-athletes to be students first and that's exactly what Dobbs is doing. Let the man be a Vol in peace.


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