Bo Nix and Oregon cleats
Photo by Ali Gradischer/Getty Images (left), Screenshot from Twitter (right)

Oregon's New Color-Changing Cleats Are Mind-Blowing

Oregon football has been the king of uniforms, and they'll debut their new heat-activated color-changing cleats for the Colorado game.

As we march toward Week 4 of the college football season, one of the most highly-anticipated matchups — the Oregon Ducks hosting the Colorado Buffaloes — comes with the Ducks busting out some new uniforms and cleats for the occasion.

On Wednesday, the Ducks revealed their new look on X involving heat-activated and color-changing cleats. As you'll see below, the video featured a chameleon climbing over the cheats and uniform to show the color change.

The cleats are initially black with some white before the tie-dye-like colors emerge. Of course, the tie-dye consists of the Ducks' signature yellow and green. In addition to the cleats, the Ducks will have black pants, a green jersey and a matte black helmet.

The new uniforms received plenty of positive praise.

Heading into this game, the Ducks are around three-touchdown favorites against the Buffaloes, who are revamped under head coach Deion Sanders. The Buffaloes won just one game last year but are 3-0 to start this season, defeating the TCU Horned Frogs, Nebraska Cornhuskers and Colorado State Rams.

The Ducks are also 3-0, beating Portland State, winning a close call against Texas Tech, and Hawaii.

Before the season, Ducks head coach Dan Lanning had some not-so-great comments about the Buffaloes.

"I'm trying to remember what they won to affect this conference, and I don't remember ... I don't remember them winning anything," Lanning said.

Ahead of this matchup, Lanning says he stands by what he said, but there's a bit of backtracking.

"I don't regret anything I've said on behalf of this program," Lanning told reporters. "At the end of the day, obviously, I wasn't talking about Deion's team. I'm talking about the past and the future for our team. But if that serves as material for them, great. I don't think it's going to have any bearing on the game."

The Ducks and Bo Nix and the Buffaloes and Shedeur Sanders battle in Eugene, Ore., on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET

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