Portland State's head coach during the Oregon game.
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Portland State Player's Ear Was Ripped Off Against Oregon, Coach Says

Throughout college football, there are plenty of FCS schools traveling to take on powerhouse programs like the matchup between Oregon and Portland State in Week 1, but besides the 81-7 shellacking, one of Portland State's players had part of their ear ripped off.

No, really.

Appearing on "The Bald Faced Truth" podcast, Portland State head coach Bruce Barnum told the story.

"We're fine. Knock on wood, we had one guy get his ear ripped off," Barnum told the program.

"They sewed it back on, and now they say he has a concussion. So, he's out. But I think he's fine. He talked to me today."

Barnum, not naming the player, did clarify it wasn't the entire ear, but still—yikes!

"I think it was from when we got his helmet knocked off and I think his ear didn't come out of his helmet," Barnum said. "They were sewing him up. I guess that means you have a concussion. And we're making sure he's fine, and he'll sit out this game."

So, not only did that player's team lose 81-7, but he got a concussion and a massive injury to his ear.

At the time of this writing, there's no information regarding Portland State's injury report, and Barnum, as mentioned, didn't name the player. Fans naturally had some fun with this whole ear fiasco.

Funny enough, there was a point in the game where Portland State was down 8-7 in the first quarter, but the rest was ugly. The first quarter ended 22-7, then it was 50-7 at halftime, 67-7 at the end of the third, and, of course, the final score was 81-7.

Oregon quarterback Bo Nix finished the day completing 23 of 27 passes for 287 yards and three touchdowns. Portland State quarterback Dante Chachere completed five of 14 passes for 35 yards and a score.

It was obviously a one-sided affair, and no one expected the Vikings to win the game, but ouch—a 74-point loss and a missing ear. Brutal.

Portland State takes on Wyoming in Week 2, and the Ducks travel to take on Texas Tech.

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