Caleb Williams with his hands folded over his head.
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Should Caleb Williams Bench Himself Now? One Analyst Thinks So

Caleb Williams suffered his second loss of the season with USC, leaving some to question whether he should sit out now.

After USC's latest loss to Utah, there's a real argument to be made that quarterback Caleb Williams should sit out the rest of the season considering the Trojans' chances at a College Football Playoff berth are all but over.

One football analyst for FS1, Emmanuel Acho, is just one person who thinks the Heisman winner should make a "business decision" and not play another game for USC for fear of injuring himself. As expected, this comment caused a lot of controversy on X.

"With National Championship hopes gone, Caleb Williams should consider sitting out the rest of the season. The Heisman is a long shot, CFB Playoffs are even less likely, and he won't play in the bowl game. The risk of playing FAR outweighs the reward. Business decision," said Acho, who himself was a 2012 sixth-round draft pick.

Williams is often called the top overall prospect ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft and the eventual No. 1 overall pick. The 6-foot-1 signal-caller has struggled in his last two starts, against Notre Dame and Utah.

Here are his stat lines from each game:

  • Notre Dame: 23 of 37, 199 passing yards, one touchdown, three interceptions.
  • Utah: 24 of 35, 256 passing yards, zero touchdowns, zero interceptions.

Now, the Trojans have two losses and have a minimal chance of making the College Football Playoff or even the Pac-12 championship.

As Acho mentioned, Williams would likely sit out a bowl game when that happens. The response was met with plenty of hate but also some agreement.

"Do you even understand how god awful of a look that would be to just quit on his team after 2 back to back losses? Yall just type anything on this app," one user wrote.

But another reluctantly agreed with Acho.

"I equal parts agree with this and hate that this is what college football has become," they wrote.

Acho did respond to another user who opposed his viewpoint.

"It would be fiscally irresponsible for him to keep playing. Winning another Heisman/ a Natty is priceless and worth the risk. But what is he playing for at this point? If we're not going to judge him when he sits the bowl game, why have an issue now?" Acho wrote.

It's hard to disagree with Acho from the "in a vacuum" standpoint. Sure, Williams has nothing to gain besides putting on more good videotape after coming off two bad games. He does risk injury.

Still, some NFL franchises may look down on that. Sitting out a bowl game has become common practice, but ditching a regular season multiple games early would be a whole new college football dynamic.

We'll see if Acho's analysis comes true or if Williams continues going in Week 9 as the Trojans head out against California.

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