Finebaum called out one team for having the most "pathetic fan base" in the country


Paul Finebaum is as closely associated with the SEC and football in the South as anyone in the media. As a result, his comments are always closely scrutinized when it comes to the rest of the football world, and that was on full display on Tuesday.

Finebaum took a call from a Michigan fan and, over the course of that exchange, the viewer felt as if Finebaum was comparing Jim Harbaugh to Nick Saban, saying that Saban "walked into a winning program".

That didn't go over well. (h/t The Spun)

"If you're going to walk into my bar, you better know what you're talking about. Nick Saban did not walk into a winning program. He walked into a program where they just fired the coach who had gone 6-6 and had lost to his main rival [Auburn] four straight times. So why don't you come back next week and actually know what you're talking about and maybe you won't be whining and crying."

From there, Finebaum went on to drop the huge bomb of the conversation, essentially blasting the entire Michigan fan base with a very strong description (h/t The Spun):


"Is there a more pathetic fan base in America than the University of Michigan? What a whiny and sniveling bunch."

This has not gone over well with the always proud Michigan fan base, but at the same time, it is certainly a group that is relishing the opportunity to be a part of the national conversation under Harbaugh's watch. Finebaum made his name on being very brash and up front with his thoughts, but it is a safe bet to think that some fans clad in maize and blue won't be tuning in from this point forward.