Paul Finebaum hilariously responds to Jim Harbaugh's angry callout

Jim Harbaugh lobbed a grenade and Paul Finebaum responded in amusing fashion.

Jim Harbaugh finally snapped. Michigan's head coach took to Twitter in order to blast ESPN personality Paul Finebaum on Thursday evening and, as you may expect, the reaction through the college football world was swift. Some enjoyed the barb from Harbaugh while others pushed back at something so callous from a head coach but, on Friday, it was Finebaum getting the last laugh.

The centerpiece of Harbaugh's Twitter callout was a referral to Paul Finebaum as "Pete" Finebaum and, during his Friday show, Finebaum put up this graphic as a not-so-subtle dig.

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None of the consternation on Harbaugh's end is surprising given the way Finebaum refers to Michigan. The SEC Network analyst is best known for his work in the state of Alabama and, throughout the 2016 campaign, Finebaum was at the forefront of those who disrespected Michigan's stature as a top-flight program. Between that and the way he has repeatedly called out the Michigan fan base, something was going to boil over and it finally did here.

It is probably a good thing that Finebaum's most high-profile dig in Harbaugh's direction was with a graphic but it would be pretty surprising if the hatchet was suddenly buried on both sides. Keep your popcorn ready.