Hugh Freeze’s exit from Ole Miss has been the dominant story line in the college football world since news broke that he was out the door. Nearly every college football pundit, including ESPN’s Paul Finebaum, has weighed in at this point, but this week, Finebaum took things a bit further with some ominous statements of foreshadowing.

In speaking with WJOX’s The Morning Drive, Finebaum indicated that he believes the public hasn’t been given “the whole truth” with regard to Freeze just yet.

(via SEC Country)

“I really don’t believe that the firing of Hugh Freeze has very much to do with one misdialed call to an escort service. I have my own theory on why he was fired, but that’s the story that most are disseminating — that he was fired for a call to an escort service. But if you had the whole truth, it had less to do with that and more to do with something else.”

For more context, one of the hosts of the program, Jay Barker, prompted Finebaum to expand his take.

“Gotta ask you. I mean, you just said it’s not just that or what everybody perceives. What do you think it was that got Hugh Freeze fired at Ole Miss?”

Finebaum obliged.

“Well, Jay you need to become a reporter with a question like that. I think it’s along that trail, or under that category– I should say– of misconduct. Let me say this and then I probably won’t say much else. I don’t believe it has as much to do with escort services as something else. Let me put it that way.”

To be fair, this isn’t a crystal clear portrayal but Finebaum does make a statement in indicating Freeze’s ouster had more to do with “something else” than it did with information about calls to an escort service. We may learn more in the future but, for now, this sets up even more speculation about potential ulterior motives and what may have happened with Hugh Freeze in Oxford.

Paul Finebaum has cryptic message for what really happened with Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss ESPN
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