Penn State has a 259-pound kicker and this is not a drill

Meet Joey Julius — Penn State’s glorious, 5-foot 10, 259-pound kicker. Julius is only a redshirt freshman. Did we mention he’s 259 pounds? Well he is, and it’s amazing.

According to his official Penn State bio page, he turned down a Division I soccer scholarship to walk-on at Penn State. Given his size and role as a kicker, he’s even garnered the amazing nickname “Big Toe” from his teammates.

“I’ve heard of the whole ‘Big Toe’ thing going on, that’s something that our team has definitely latched on to,” Julius told the Daily Collegian while sporting a handlebar mustache. “Nobody even calls me by my real name anymore. It’s just Big Toe.”

In the same interview, he says that his size hasn’t altered his play, at least in his mind.

“I don’t attribute my size to anything,” Julius said. “I don’t know if it helps or hurts, it hasn’t really affected me yet.”

I’m just going to go with the idea that his size makes him America’s favorite kicker, but that’s just me. We’re glad you chose college football over soccer, Big Toe. Sincerely, everyone.

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