Pop-Tarts Bowl edible mascot
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A Bowl Game Is Introducing the First-Ever Edible Mascot

When one learns that a college football bowl game victory will be rewarding the winner with an edible pastry — an edible mascot pastry — it more than resonates in a big way.

And oh boy, that's exactly what we're dealing with here, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, oh yes, we're talking about the Pops Tarts Bowl, which is very much a thing. This is an event and perhaps more than an event at this point, which is is kind of why we are here.

Seriously, take a look. This is a national college football reporter taking some valuable time to discuss the "edible award" for winning the Pop Tarts Bowl:

The idea that we're even discussing a celebrated "Pop Tart" speaks for itself and is, frankly, awesome. And the official words of "when the final whistle blows, the winning team will celebrate by taking a bite of the giant pastry mascot" might be the greatest written sentence in recent memory.

And, of course, it's so good that it's obviously become a meme. A well deserved, understandable meme:

The very first edible mascot. God bless America.

Take one look at this thing and we're quickly on our way to nightmare city.

It really is something to be discussing such a thing, but the more one looks at the above photo, it's pretty difficult to deny the greatness. It's as alarming as is hilarious.

What makes this even more impressive is this "inaugural Pop-Tarts bowl" will be replacing such iconic college football bowl names previously known as the Cheez-It Bowl, the Camping World Bowl and Russell Athletic Bowl.

When you've somehow managed to out-name something as ridiculous as the Cheez-It Bowl — let alone the others — you've really gone out of your way in climbing the ladder for the sake of preposterous.

The actual bowl game itself — which feels increasingly significant thanks to the bizarre edible award and the accompanying, stop-you-in-your-tracks mascot — is scheduled for Dec. 28 in Orlando and will pit an ACC team against a Big 12 team.

And really, what better place to hold a game of this magnitude than Florida? Take one look — again — at the mascot and this one fits like a glove.

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