Report: Lane Kiffin to pick between two job offers following SEC title game

Kiffin has been Alabama's offensive coordinator for three seasons.

It was reported on Friday that Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin was going to interview for the currently vacant Houston head coaching job on Sunday. It looks like Kiffin's next move will all depend on how that job interview goes.

According to Mattie-Lou Chandler of FOX's Outkick the Coverage, Kiffin will be LSU's offensive coordinator next season if he doesn't get the Houston head coaching job.

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The keywords there seem to be "does not get"; at this point, it looks like the Houston opening may be Kiffin's first choice between the two, and then he would defer to joining Ed Orgeron's staff at LSU.

The Houston job is an interesting choice for Kiffin, but he could make a great fit for the Cougars. He would keep their high-octane offense running well, and he would be able to recruit well at the school. Houston already has a lot of talent, and even if Kiffin jumps for another job after a couple of years, he can at least maintain the program.

If this report is accurate, it would seem to nullify previous reports that Kiffin had interest from Oregon and from the NFL. It also seems very definitive at this point that Kiffin's tenure as Alabama's offensive coordinator will end after the SEC Championship Game on Saturday.