Here's the play that helped Houston upset No. 3 Oklahoma

Potential play of the year candidate!

No. 15 Houston made a lot of big plays in their 33-23 win over No. 3 Oklahoma at NRG Stadium on Saturday afternoon. However, one play stands above the rest, and that play is the field-goal returned for a touchdown.

While trailing 19-17 in the third quarter, Oklahoma took a bit of a risk by attempting a 53-yard field goal. Apparently unbeknownst to the Sooners, Houston sent back Brandon Wilson to return a potential miss... and he did just that, as he caught the short kick and took it back up the sideline for the touchdown.

Here's how close it was to not counting at all:


However, it did count, and it gave Houston a commanding, two-possession 26-17 lead. The Cougars would soon score again, and they held a 33-17 lead for most of the remainder of the game.

Looks like Tom Herman's Houston team is the real deal after all.