Alabama linebacker is over listening to defensive line celebrate their touchdowns and it's hysterical

Alabama has scored quite a few defensive touchdowns so far in the 2016 season, five to be exact. Two of those touchdowns have been score by defensive lineman Da'Ron Payne and Jonathan Allen, but it's Payne that is driving some of his teammates crazy, namely the linebackers.

Tide linebacker Shaun Dion Hamilton told members of the media,

"I'm tired of hearing Da'Ron Payne. He scored a 2-inch touchdown. He's thinking that he ran 100 yards or something. One linebacker has got to get in the end zone. He thinks he's some kind of world-class athlete when I'm sure that Coach Saban probably could have picked up the fumble and walked, took one step and scored a touchdown."

It was a big touchdown for Bama at the time Payne scored against Ole Miss and it's hard to be mad at a lineman for being pumped up about getting to actually score. It sounds like Hamilton just needs to step up and get into the endzone for Alabama's linebacker unit.