A Tennessee player punches an Alabama player.
Screenshot from Twitter

Tennessee Defender Punches Alabama Player in Head, Somehow Isn't Flagged

There's never any love lost in the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry, and that was especially true on what looked like a dirty play.

There's never any love lost on the Third Saturday in October, otherwise known as the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry. And on one play during their game on Saturday that was especially true, as a Tennessee player punched an Alabama player in the head.

Tennessee led Alabama at halftime 20-7, and it was not looking good for the Crimson Tide. Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe struggled, getting sacked multiple times and throwing an interception in the end zone. Alabama scored a touchdown on their first drive of the second half to only be down 20-14, and they forced a three-and-out from Tennessee.

Alabama was driving and had the ball at the Tennessee 30-yard line and ran the ball on first and 10 with running back Roydell Williams. It was only a one-yard gain, but the Tennessee defender did something you don't typically see during a football game. Two Tennessee defenders stopped Williams, and he was down, but then a third Tennessee defender came in and punched Williams in the head.

The defender was Elijah Herring, a sophomore linebacker trying to punch the ball out but missed and hit Williams in the head, as shown in the video below.

There was no flag thrown on the play, even though there was a punch thrown, and the Alabama fans let the referees hear their disdain for the no-call. Alabama would hit a 42-yard field goal from Will Reichard to be down 20-17. They would force another punt by Tennessee and get the ball back. Alabama running back Jase McClellan would score a five-yard touchdown run to give Alabama its first lead of the game, 24-20 and score 17 unanswered points. Alabama scored again on a Will Reichard 50-yard field goal to take a 27-20 lead with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter. Tennessee has punted three consecutive times in the second half and only has 49 yards of total offense.

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