Clay Travis is a typical shock-jock. He’s the type of sports personality who ratchets it up to 100 whenever he has an opinion and he doesn’t care if you like it or not.

Things like nuance, subtlety and the intricacies of games don’t matter to sports bros like Travis. It’s all about ratings or clicks. It’s all about having the loudest, most ridiculous opinion.

Context? What in the world is that?

That’s why it’s not surprising that Travis took to Twitter to trash Vanderbilt for its abysmal performance against No. 1 Alabama. This was a game the Commodores weren’t expected to win, but they were expected to compete. They, and especially their defense, have looked good so far this season. Yes, Alabama is the top team in the land but considering the game was at Vanderbilt and the fact that Vandy has looked good so far — it was at least supposed to be an interesting contest.

Alabama beat Vanderbilt 59-0. It wasn’t even close.

Of course, Travis took the opportunity to bash Vanderbilt.

Credit Travis for showing some humility, I guess, but saying that a much improved Vanderbilt team is equivalent to a bad high school team…well, that’s a joke. That’s terrible analysis and it doesn’t tell the reader or fans anything about the game other than the fact that Travis has big, wacky opinions and you should tune in or read him if you like seeing people get triggered, or if you simply feel like hate watching or reading something.

Sure, Vanderbilt looked horrendous, but this type of commentary doesn’t help anybody, let alone the average college football fan who may want to get some actual analysis.

Perhaps at that point, it makes the most sense to turn to an actual analyst instead of a professional instigator.

After getting pummeled, Clay Travis called one SEC squad a “bad high school team” Clay Travis/Twitter
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