ArDarius Stewart and his 'assassins' at wide receiver ready to dominate 2016

There are going to be quite a few fresh faces starting at key positions for the Alabama offense. One area of the offense however that is poised and ready to bring experience and dominance to 2016 is the Tide wide receiver unit. Lead by redshirt junior ArDarius Stewart and supremely talented sophomore Calvin Ridley, the receiver corps is ready to lead the Tide offense. Stewart calls his fellow receivers the "assassins" and as a group they are looking to do great things in 2016.

"It comes from the heart, man. It comes from the heat that we go through," redshirt junior Robert Foster said. "The blood, the sweat, the tears that we spread on the field ... It's just our mentality. We're tough. We've been through so much in camp and the running that we have to be assassins. We have that savage mentality."

"We've got guys that can block, guys that can go downfield, guys that can catch the ball in short yardage and get past the line of scrimmage," ArDarius Stewart said. "We can do it all."

"We've got to be the slashers, man," Stewart continued. "We've got to come in when we need a big play. Sacrifice our bodies, make something happen and make something come through. When we're down and we're struggling, we've got to swing the momentum in our hands."

Sounds like one motivated group, they should be fun to watch.