Clay Travis thinks Nick Saban is on his way out of Tuscaloosa


FOX Sports analyst Clay Travis is known for saying some outrageous things and certainly speaking his mind. He is also under the impression that Nick Saban is on his way to retirement sooner rather than later. Travis was on Colin Cowherd's show and Cowherd believes that Saban has been acting rather funny lately.

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Cowherd believes that's because Saban knows there's something off about his team and it may not be as good this season as it's been the past few years winning three of the last five national titles including last year's playoff championship. However, Travis believes it's because Saban senses the end of his reign.

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Travis and Cowherd cite a recent piece by Ivan Maisel that detailed a kinder, gentler version of the coach on Tuesday as evidence of his change. But that might have also been because winning a national title will make anyone feel pretty good and more open to some interviews.

Saban is 65 years old and it wouldn't be the craziest thing for him to step down, but he hasn't shown any slowing in his step and continues to recruit like a man on a mission. The Crimson Tide has been No. 1 or 2 the past few years in recruiting so you have to think that Saban has even more talent coming in that he'll want to coach.

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Travis is also naive enough to think that Saban would bolt for ESPN and become a member of the media he hates so much. This is of course just a gut feeling from Travis so it should be taken with a grain of salt and a large one at that.



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