Defensive 'Fat boys' got the last laugh Saturday


Heading into the season many regarded Alabama's defensive line as the strength of the team. The Tide's defensive front four was expected to be a dominate force that would lead the defense through the 2016 season. After three games that defensive front has not disappointed and when Bama needed them the most against Ole Miss they didn't just do their job, they put 14 points on the board.

After helping lead the Tide to a 48-43 win over Ole Miss, the big guys on defense have proved their worth and the rest of defense can't deny it. Linebacker Ryan Anderson explained why the 'fat boys' rule during the postgame.

"I was excited [seeing DL Da'Ron Payne score].Then I sat there and thought about it because I'm going to have to hear about that one," Anderson said. "I always say he ain't athletic. When we go out there on third down in our dime rabbits, I mess with him like 'get off the field. Fat boys off the field' and stuff like that. I can't say too much now that he's scored a touchdown."

There's a great chance that 2016 may be the year of the "fat boy" for the Tide defense.