Alabama fan breaks up family tailgate with devastating knockout punch


Tailgating can be one of the best things about college football. For many fan bases across the country and especially across the South, the pastime goes hand in hand with the actual game on the field, turning a 3.5-hour football contest into an all-day event with fervor and pageantry that can be unrivaled when executed correctly.

With that said, things can also go south in a hurry when it comes to tailgating, namely when alcohol and tempers combine to produce combustible actions on all sides. One such case appeared to take place at an Alabama tailgate recently and there was a devastating knockout punch captured on film.

Given that the video does not show the lead up to the punch itself, it is difficult to decipher just how things got to this point. What we do know, though, is that an Alabama fan laid out another person in plain sight of many people and the punch looked to be both compact and powerful.

Hopefully, the person on the receiving end of a punch like this ends up being okay because, well, this is pretty scary.