Many believe that the Alabama Crimson Tide are the best team in college football today but, on Tuesday, the College Football Playoff committee placed the Georgia Bulldogs in the top spot. That decision was presumably due to schedule and resume given that Georgia knocked off Notre Dame on the road, but in the aftermath, some have even questioned why Nick Saban’s team was so high in the rankings at No. 2 overall.

FOX analyst Joel Klatt falls into that category and he shared strong thoughts with Colin Cowherd on Wednesday.

Klatt noted that Alabama is “given the benefit of the doubt” because of their dominance and he does note that the Tide have “not shown the weaknesses” that other teams have. Still, he didn’t hold back in evaluating Alabama’s schedule, calling it “atrocious” and comparing it unfavorably to that of the Wisconsin Badgers.

Wisconsin also holds an undefeated record and Klatt feels as if folks are not treating Alabama’s evaluation with “the same consistency” that has been given to the Badgers. It should be noted that Alabama’s margin of victory over SEC opponents stands at 40 (!) points per game while Wisconsin lags behind against Big Ten opponents at just 15.7 points per game, but the Tide don’t exactly have a signature win in the aftermath of Florida State falling off the table completely.

It would be very difficult to state on the record that Alabama has not been more impressive than Wisconsin this season. Still, Klatt brings up a fair point about the schedule point alone and style points aren’t considered to be everything when it comes to the committee’s evaluation.

FOX Sports analyst becomes the latest to knock Alabama’s College Football Playoff ranking @TheHerd/Twitter
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