Satellite camps have become all the rage after they were temporarily banned and then almost immediately brought back into legality by the NCAA. Jim Harbaugh has been notable for hosting a bunch of them outside of Michigan and for a while, Alabama’s Nick Saban was pretty outspoken on the matter. Last year he was vehemently against the camps, calling them “bad for college football” and that it would turn the recruiting landscape into the “wild, wild West.”

It seems that he’s all about that action now as he appeared at a camp at USF hosted by former Louisville head coach Charlie Strong — now the head man at USF.

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While coaches can’t be concerned with looking hypocritical because of all the rule changes always happening, it doesn’t help that Saban was so outspoken against them. In fact, here’s what Saban said about the camps at the time via ESPN:

“Until this satellite camp issue came up, you still had to go to the high school, go through the coach, and players came to your camp if they were interested in learning,” Saban said. “By doing what we’re doing now, we’re doing what we do in every other sport that we’re complaining about every day — AAU basketball and all this.

“Anybody can have a camp now. If they have a prospect, they can have a camp. Then you’re expected to go to that camp and they can use you to promote their camp because Ohio State is coming, Alabama is coming, whoever else is coming.

“Someone sponsors the camp, they pay them the money. What do they do with the money? And who makes sure the kid paid to go to camp?”

However, Saban is always going to go out of his way to find and impress the top recruits in the land. If that means going to satellite camps despite his feelings about them, then so be it. He will find a way to land the top recruits in the country and that’s one of the many things he has to do it.

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Nick Saban looks like a major hypocrite following his latest recruiting move Brian Blanco/Getty Images
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