Nick Saban was waiting for one question to be asked during SEC Media Days, and he launched into the reporter who asked it before he could even finish the question.

Saban was asked about a possible quarterback controversy between reigning SEC Offensive Player of the Year Jalen Hurts and incoming five-star freshman Tua Tagovailoa, and Saban basically said the reporter was the one starting the controversy.

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The reporter asked, “You’ve reiterated that Jalen Hurts is your starter, but people want to keep saying that there’s a quarterback controversy…”

Saban cut him off and said, “Who keeps saying that? You’re the only one saying that.”

Then Saban ended any rumors about a potential QB controversy.

“I never said that. I don’t know who’s saying that,” Saban said. “It’s like me saying somebody said it’s going to be a hurricane outside today. Is that right or wrong? I said it so that means I created something that makes everybody panic and it creates news. You go out there and get people excited, interested and afraid.

Saban added that he’s “not going to tolerate” people outside of the program creating rumors. After the moderator decided to move on to the next question, Saban quipped that he had been waiting for a QB controversy all day.

“I was waiting for that one, man,” Saban said. “That was like a hanging curveball.”

That rant was about a 4.5/10 on the Saban Scale. Not a bad start to the season.

(h/t SEC Country)

Nick Saban fires back over Alabama’s “created” quarterback controversy Brian Blanco/Getty Images
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