Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban is back at ripping the media. This time, however, he disguised his anger toward journalists with a supposed worrying about the well-being of kids.

While the regular season usually allows only seven days between games to prepare, Saban says it isn’t easy to do such a thing coming off a bowl game.

“Someone has to think about the players,” Saban said, “and not what’s convenient for the media or TV.”

Alas, here is a man making tens of millions of dollars off the back of unpaid labor, opining about a world in which his kids could have more days off between bowl games that generate millions of dollars for everyone but the talent on the field.

Listen, maybe Saban is being real with his sentiment. At the same time, as long as he’s fine collecting paychecks in a system that purposely prevents the powerless from obtaining any, it is really hard to take him seriously while on such a lofty soap-box.

Saban also said he would like an extra travel day between the semis and the title game to account for the lost time. Lost time for the, uh, kids … and all that jazz.

For what it is worth, the Crimson Tide are pretty banged up. That could have something to do with Saban preferring more time off between playoff games.

Nick Saban rips schedule, infers the media is at fault Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
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