This drunk, bloody Alabama fan is pretty much every Tide supporter after the national championship game @VashtiHurt/Twitter

After all the success Tide fans have seen in the past decade or so, you would expect a few of them to have some pretty sordid reactions to such a crushing defeat Monday night.

After Clemson rallied to thwart Bama’s second consecutive national title with a thrilling 35-31 victory, this one Tide fan did. Alcohol was clearly a factor as this inebriated and bloodied dude in an Alabama shirt tried to make his way into a bar.

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In the second clip, he tries to explain why he looks like he just climbed out of a cage match after getting smashed in the face with a folding chair. Unfortunately he enunciates like a guy who had about six too many drinks, then picked a fight with the wrong Clemson fan, so he’s nearly impossible to understand.

What are the chances that’s exactly what happened?

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