This new head coach actually thinks winning ‘is easier’ at Alabama than other schools

Scott Frost just took over as the new head coach at UCF after heading the offense at Oregon since 2013. He spoke with USA Today about the characteristics he sought in a program before becoming a first-time head coach. His answer included a little more than just what he looks for in a coaching gig and it will not make some SEC fans happy.

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“Winning is the biggest thing. I’m taking nothing away from any coaches out there, it’s not an accident that coaches at Alabama, Ohio State, Florida and USC, those type of programs win. Not to say they’re not great coaches, but those places are built to attract better players than most or all of the people they play, year in, year out. Not that it’s a given that you’re going to win at those places, but it’s easier. It’s easier to win at Alabama than it is at Iowa State.”

To say that it’s easier to get wins at Alabama than it is at Iowa State seems pretty ridiculous. There’s a good reason that the Crimson Tide have a reputation for attracting better players though. It’s because Alabama keeps winning titles and beating up on the rest of the buzz saw known as the SEC West. Good try though, Frost.

[h/t Saturday Down South]

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