Tim Tebow nearly committed to Alabama, and he had a very good reason for considering it Clippit screenshot

Tim Tebow’s accomplishments at Florida—two national championships and a Heisman Trophy—are the stuff of legends.

But it all came close to never even happening. On the SEC Network’s Paul Finebaum Show Friday, the Gators’ most decorated player said his college choice came down to Florida and Bama, and he almost chose the latter.

“It was extremely close,” Tebow told Finebaum when asked how close he was to signing with the Tide. “It came down to the last minute. And I honestly thought from my sophomore year (in high school) on I was gonna come to the University of Alabama because I love the passion, the tradition, the excitement for football. You’ve seen me play, you know how much I love it. This is a state, a place that loves their football and I thought it was gonna be home. I found a good home in Gainesville, though.”

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A lot of SEC schools must be breathing a huge sigh of relief after hearing that. Tebow at Bama would have likely equated to at least six national titles in the past ten years, rather than four.

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