Quincy McAdoo lays a hit on a Kansas receiver in the Liberty Bowl.
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The Biggest Hit of the Bowl Season Made a Kansas Receiver Vomit

Arkansas defensive back Quincey McAdoo was the definition of a mad man in the Liberty Bowl against Kansas on Wednesday night in Memphis.

The Razorbacks and Jayhawks gave college football fans the most thrilling game of the bowl season thus far thanks to a late comeback via Kansas quarterback Jalon Daniels and an epic three overtimes, as Arkansas ultimately came out on top. But no play was more bone-crushing than the hit McAdoo laid on Kansas wide receiver Quentin Skinner in the first half.

How big of a truck stick was it? Skinner was vomiting almost immediately after.

Quincey McAdoo's Hit on Quentin Skinner

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Daniels hit Skinner on a crossing route in the second quarter, and he immediately was met by a brick wall named McAdoo. Even the crowd could collectively be heard saying, "Oooh!"

It was a completely legal hit, and it was a doozy. Skinner struggled getting up, and once staff arrived he was seen vomiting on the field. McAdoo's hit clearly rattled Skinner's insides. It's not every day you see a player throwing up after a walloping hit like that. I've got to say, though, McAdoo could've done with less taunting after the hit considering the dude was clearly injured.

Here's another look at the hit. You can just hear those pads being crunched, too.

McAdoo was all over the place in Arkansas' 55-53 win. The freshman grabbed an interception early and was controversially called for targeting on a hit that stopped Daniels from tying the game in the second overtime on a two-point conversion. He also totaled nine tackles.

I've seen plenty of vicious hits in college football. There's the "Helicopter Hit" and the one that made a dude bleed internally. And who can forget Jadeveon Clowney's monster shot?

But making a man puke almost instantly? That's some next-level tackling. McAdoo is going to be a problem in the SEC for years to come.

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