Auburn steps up the t-shirt giveaway game with a rapid-fire Gatling gun

Auburn's football team is all about speed, explosiveness, and efficiency. Now, even Auburn's t-shirt giveaways operate under those same principles with the introduction of a t-shirt firing Gatling gun this season.

As you can see in the above video, Aubie unleashes the Gatling gun's full fury on the stands with swiftness not able to be achieved by mere mortals throwing t-shirts or using single-load t-shirt cannons.

Here is another video of the Gatling gun in slow motion:


The t-shirt giveaway game in the SEC has changed.

The Tigers are, to my knowledge, the first SEC team to get their very own rapid-fire, t-shirt dispersing Gatling gun. If you find yourself in the lower bowl at Jordan-Hare this season, keep your head on a swivel because t-shirts may start raining down on your section.

(h/t CBS)