Auburn unveils plans to replace oaks at Toomer's Corner

Auburn University's board of trustees approved a plan to replace the famous oaks at Toomer's Corner in February 2015. According to a release from the school, the plan calls for 30 live oak trees to be planted in Samford Park and two trees to be planted in place of the iconic oaks at the corner of College Street and Magnolia Avenue.

The plan calls for 30 live oak trees, grown from acorns taken from the iconic Auburn Oaks 12 years ago and now 15 feet tall, to be planted along a new brick walkway that will connect Samford Hall to Toomer's Corner.

The university also announced that two large live oaks will be planted at the College Street and Magnolia Avenue intersection on Feb. 16, 2015, completing Phase I of the project.

The two new large oaks have already been purchased and are 30 feet tall with a 25 foot spread as to allow the rolling tradition to resume much quicker than if they had planted younger trees, per the release.

"Our goal all along was to restore the corner with large trees at the earliest opportunity," said Dan King, assistant vice president for Facilities Management. "Last summer we completed the hardscape to improve aesthetics and the pedestrian experience. The only thing missing was the trees. We think this plan honors the tradition of the historic original oaks."

Phase II of the project, which includes planting more descendant trees will begin in the spring.