Cam Newton only spent one season as the quarterback at Auburn, leading the Tigers to the 2010-11 National Championship, but since going to the NFL he has spent his offseasons working on his degree. This weekend, Newton graduated from Auburn, although he did not walk across the stage, which is by design to not distract from the rest of the graduates.

“I’m not walking across the stage,” Newton told The Plainsman. “Number one, I don’t think walking really solidifies anything for me. I have pretty much conquered the main reason why I’m here, and all I really need is a degree. Plus, I don’t want to take away anything from the people already graduating. After seeing the response coming from class, I wouldn’t want to take anything away from another person’s (graduation day).“

Newton’s presence on campus has caused enough of a ruckus, with folks constantly snapping pictures of him and groups of people following him around campus. It’s a classy move by Newton to make sure everyone else in his graduating class gets their shine and he doesn’t distract from anyone’s graduation day.

As for what graduating means to him? He said his diploma will go straight to his mom’s house where it will be displayed right alongside his Heisman Trophy.

“When I do get my diploma, I’m going to put it right above my mom’s door, so she knows her words were not in vain,” Newton said. “All my awards that mean the world to me are implanted (in her house), and this is no different. If anything, it’s going right along next to the Heisman.”

Cam Newton graduating from Auburn, says his diploma goes ‘next to the Heisman’

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