Toomer's Corner tree killer Harvey Updyke dressing up as dead tree for Halloween, this isn't a joke

How immature is Harvey Updyke, honestly? The hardcore Alabama fan posted on his Facebook page today that he is dressing up as a dead tree tonight because he wants some candy. Although, he needs to be indoors by 7 p.m. because of his probation.

Updyke was convicted of poisoning the historic trees during Auburn's 2010-2011 national championship season. In 2013, Updyke pleaded guilty. He served six months in jail. He is currently on five years of supervised probation.

Updyke was ordered to pay $796,731 in restitution fees to Auburn, but as of mid-September, he's only paid $99. 

The trees were eventually removed in April of 2013. The area was declared poison free in May of this year.

It looks like to me that Updyke isn't remorseful at all of his actions and seems like the type of person that would do it again if he could. This man is a joke. It sickens me that people like this exist. I get college football fandom, but this takes it to an extreme level.