Bama defense strikes again, scores to even game with Ole Miss


Alabama fans have become very accustomed to a particular phrase after last season, 'non-offensive touchdowns'. Alabama lead the FBS in non-offensive touchdowns during last seasons championship run (watch them all here) and this season the Tide are are off to another hot start. Once trailing 24-1o to Ole Miss with the offense struggling, the other parts of Alabama's game took over to even the score.

First it was Eddie Jackson returning a punt to make it 24-17. Then it was Ryan Anderson getting the sack on Chad Kelly, forcing a fumble that would be picked up and returned for the score by Bama defensive lineman Da'ron Payne.

That makes four non-offensive touchdowns on the season for the Tide. Alabama is currently leading Ole Miss 27-24 in the third quarter.

Update: Alabama would hold on to beat Ole Miss, 48-43