Ole Miss defender recovers a fumble, then gives us one of the best celebrations of all time


Breeland Speaks may have gifted college football with the best reaction of the year.

Speaks recovered an early fumbled against Mississippi State during the annual Egg Bowl game on Thursday, and Speaks was gifted with a close up from the ESPN cameras broadcasting the game. Apparently aware of the camera's presence, Speaks responded by looking directly into the camera and waving to everyone watching at home.

This is so great. The little wave as if to say "Oh hi, didn't see you there!" is a great twist on what we usually see out of celebrations.

Unfortunately for Speaks, this wasn't the only time that he would be waving in a big moment. Speaks was later ejected from the game after shoving a Mississippi State player, and he waved repeatedly to the crowd as he walked back to the locker room.


A tale of two waves, I guess.