Butch Jones 'cringed' watching 'most talented' Alabama team he's seen

When Alabama takes the field Saturday against Tennessee the Tide will be looking to make it ten wins in a row against the Vols. Tennessee fans are feeling confident that this will be the year the Vols will snap Alabama's winning streak, but Tennessee head coach Butch Jones is not heading into this matchup with unrealistic expectations, he knows this will be a big challenge for Tennessee.

During a press conference this week Jones was asked if he watched the presidential debate. His response, "No. I was cringing watching Alabama."

Jones called this year's Alabama team, "the best Alabama team we've faced since we've been here."

"They've all been very, very talented — and not to take anything away from those (other Alabama) teams — but a lot of respect for coach Saban, a lot of respect for what's going on there, the discipline," Jones told reporters in Tennessee.

"Just a complete football team," Jones said. "They're the No. 1 team in the country, and deservedly so."

Tennessee has a very good football team and their fans have every right to be excited for a chance to upset Alabama. Vols fans however should not mistake the Vols being better for meaning the Tide is worse. Tennessee will have to do everything right against the Tide and Butch Jones knows it. With Tennessee's rising talent they have a chance, but Alabama is also somehow getting better, which should give all Vols fans a cause to pause, just like it did their coach.