Clemson, Alabama pump the brakes on Bama 'OJ' shirt

After USC thought they were being creative by selling a "Roll Tears Roll" t-shirt, Alabama fans responded with a shirt of their own:

Well the shirt is no longer available Tide fans, as Alabama has requested the shirt be discontinued. The real issue is the inclusion of Clemson, which objected to their name being used. The shirt was offered by the website, which has pulled the shirt. COO Adam Schwartz explained in statement,

"As it turns out, a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) was sent to the site, Schwartz later confirmed. A DMCA is basically when a copyright holder notifies you if a user of a platform has infringed on their rights with a work.

As it turns out, it wasn't the reference to Southern Cal, but Clemson that warranted the DMCA."

"TeePublic is an open platform that enables designers from around the world to host and sell their own artwork," Schwartz told "We do not actively police artwork uploaded to the platform and we strictly follow DMCA laws, which outlines the take-down procedures we adhere to."