Danny Kanell calls out the SEC after disappointing opening weekend

As a guest host on ESPN's Mike and Mike, Danny Kanell took his shot.

Opening weekend for the SEC was pretty miserable.

Aside from Alabama stomping USC, Texas A&M stunning UCLA and Auburn competing to the last second with Clemson, it was a bit of a letdown.

As a guest host on ESPN's Mike and Mike (per SEC Country), Kanell took his shot after Mississippi State's dreadful loss, Tennessee's near-defeat and LSU's loss to Wisconsin:

"That's kind of what the conference has been," Kanell said. "It's been Alabama. They've carried the torch for this conference.

"If you look at it over the last four or five years you could says 'Look at all the different championships.' With Auburn, the Cam Newton year was sort of a fluke for Auburn. They got hot and captured that lightning in a bottle. Florida, with Tim Tebow, was another one that was kind of an incredible player. But they're not that much different than every other conference. They really aren't."

While the Crimson Tide remain one of the top squads in college football, nearly every conference has one or two teams that could stand side-by-side with almost any other SEC team.

Ohio State and Michigan look strong, Florida State hopes to continue the trend of the ACC standing right up next to the SEC and Stanford and Houston continue to shock those across the country.

Week 1 was not kind to the SEC, but it's how the season ends that matters. And we're not even close at this point.