Da'Ron Payne destroys LSU Offensive lineman to the delight of Bama O-line

After Alabama took down LSU Saturday Tide coach Nick Saban referred to his defense affectionately as a 'hateful bunch'. In case you're wondering what that looks like, it looks like defensive lineman Da'Ron Payne running over the LSU offensive line in brutal fashion.

Talk about hateful, the guys on Alabama who liked Payne's play the most might have been the Tide offensive line who felt zero sympathy for their LSU counterparts.

"Yeah, that's kind of what he tries to do to me every day at practice," Tide lineman Bradley Bozeman said to AL.com, "so I get a pretty good feel for that."

When asked if he felt bad for LSU's offensive line Bozeman's response was simple,

"Not from our defensive side of it," Bozeman said. "Pretty good to me."