Darryl Strawberry delivers strong message to Tide players


Alabama coach Nick Saban has brought in guest speakers a plenty during his time at Alabama. Saban is quick to utilize any possible tactic to reach his players in an effort to not just make them great football players, but great men as well.

Saban's devotion to developing his players into well rounded men is often overlooked nationally, it's easier to paint the coach as a win hungry robot. However the process that Saban is famous for includes making his players into quality men, Saban even recently made it know that failing to connect with his players is what causes him to lose sleep at night.

The most recent guest speaker that Saban has brought in to speak with the Tide is former Mets great Darryl Strawberry. Strawberry is known for his wild past, but his message to Bama players was one about the terrible outcomes that living a life of reckless abandon can lead to. Strawberry's full talk wasn't made immediately available, but some of what he said was put on Twitter by writer Chris Low.