ESPN names its top receivers of the past decade and Alabama fans will be real happy

Vanderbilt made the list! For real this time!

ESPN is ranking the five best players at each position in the SEC over the last decade and the flavor of the week is the receivers. The conference has definitely had some great ones and especially within the last decade. There were a ton of choices, but here are the top five according to ESPN.

1. Amari Cooper (Alabama)
2. Jordan Matthews (Vanderbilt)
3. Julio Jones (Alabama)
4. A.J. Green (Georgia)
5. Alshon Jeffery (South Carolina)

Cooper is obviously the most recent receiver to make his mark in the NFL and it looks like he has a chance to make many All-Pro and Pro Bowl teams. The only reason he didn't leave Alabama with more conference records was actually because Matthews held most of them. Matthews ended up getting ranked so high because he was only a two-star recruit coming out of high school with only one college offer. He ended up with the conference record for most career and single-season receptions and most career receiving yards.

Jones and Green were drafted only two picks apart in 2011 and have gone on to even more successful stints in the NFL. Jeffery was pretty much single-handedly responsible for making South Carolina football exciting to watch again and even outshined the two guys ahead of him during his sophomore season in 2010.

Guys who somehow missed the cut include: Percy Harvin, Mike Evans, Laquon Treadwell and Earl Bennett.


You can find the full list here.