Florida baseball pitchers arrested after climbing a construction crane

The Florida Gators baseball team is really good this year, but now they have to deal with a big distraction. Pitchers A.J. Puk and Kirby Snead were arrested late Sunday night and spent the night in jail after being charged with felony trespassing charges, according to the Orlando Sentinel. 

According to police, the pair climbed a crane inside a marked construction zone on campus.

"Mr. William K. Snead and Mr. Andrew J. Puck knowingly and unlawfully entered into a marked construction site without permission or any legal authority. I observed Mr. Snead and Mr. Puk climbing a crane within the construction site. The construction site was fenced and properly marked," arresting officer Jacob Moros wrote in an arrest report.

Both players had been drinking before climbing on the crane, according to the report. Both players have had minor run-ins with the law since being at UF. Snead has three speeding tickets, while Puk has one.

On the field, both players have struggled this season. Puk has a 5.91 ERA, which is the highest of any starter. Snead has a 4.91 ERA, which is the second-highest for a reliever.

Both have been indefinitely suspended.

Here's the police report:

Puk and Snead police report