A missed facemask call during Florida-Florida State.
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Missed Facemask Penalty, Questionable Calls Taint Florida State's Win Over UF


Fourth and 12. Florida down seven. A chance to tie Florida State on the road in what became the highest-scoring game in series history. UF quarterback Anthony Richardson drops back...

Facemask. Or at least it should've been a facemask penalty on FSU defensive back Jammie Robinson. Instead, Richardson's throw fell into the end zone untouched, and Florida lost, 45-38, snapping the Gators' three-game win streak.

The referees' missed call at the end of the game took away from what could become known as a classic in this rivalry series. Let's dig into the non-call that left Florida fans disgruntled and the moments that led up to it.

Missed Facemask Call Helps FSU Beat UF


Look, a missed facemask call isn't the sole reason Florida lost this game. Giving up nearly 500 yards of offense is. But to say this didn't potentially alter the outcome of the game would be laughable.

Robinson clearly grabs Richardson's facemask as he blitzes. That should've been 15 yards and a first down for Florida at the 13-yard line with 39 seconds left. That would've been plenty of time to score a touchdown and either tie the game with an extra point or go for two and the win.


FSU fans, however, were quick to point out a questionable defensive pass interference call earlier in that drive on fourth down:

The Other Questionable Calls

While I would agree that was a very questionable call, the refs failed to call a DPI just a play before that. Take a look at 28:42 in the video below. The defender never turns his head around, and makes contact with UF wide receiver Ricky Pearsall before the ball arrives.


I've seen Florida State fans say the no facemask call was a make-up for the DPI called on that fourth down play earlier in the drive. The thing is the DPI was already seemingly a make-up call for a missed call.

I know, I know. Complaining about officiating is an old, exhausting practice, but when the game is on the line like this, the refs absolutely have to get every call right.

Regardless, it was a hell of a game from both teams. Hats off to FSU.


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